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A day in the LIFE


FIRST STOP..... Virginia........... 

and  FRANKIE the Frankenstein of LAWN MOWERS....

Old, neglected and in need of some TLC... Frankie  followed us home from VA on his own little Trailer. Sitting in Sunny Florida, waiting for his "parts" to be delivered... An AllTrax 300amp Controller, A  Fork Lift Motor.... and some Really cool NEW LITHIUM BATTERIES...  A new hose, a new tire tube... some MAGIC from Steve and Frankie will wow all the neighbors up there in Virginia... with is   "PORTABLE"  Energy pack... thats right  Steve has made  Frankies' Battery Pack PORTABLE so that Frankie's owner can use the SAME pack in his SNOW BLOWER this winter... !! no sense wasting parts or having them sitting around doing nothing !!!

The Batteries got delivered today !!!   16 - 40ah CELLS !!!! whooot whooo Fella's  wait till you SEE Frankie GO on his very FIRST  RIDE....

Lots more to do... but its a start.

Steve and "FRANKIE"  all done..... ready to go to his owner...  BRUCE... (  of the BMW from last year's tour... See Bruce's BMW conversion below).
This Mower has a  "PORT A PACK"....  The Batteries are in the bottom silver box... the CONTROLLER and Contractor are mounted ON the cover of the bottom box  and covered.  Two Handles makes this Port a Pack ready to take off this mower... install on the customer's snow blower, motorcycle, Surrey,,,, what ever !!    Let us make YOU a Port A Pack !!

Next Stop...........  OKLAHOMA ...       

Sean's newly purchased S10... ready for some upgrades


sean.. the NEW owner of this dandy FORD... and  Steve looking over the  new project

Steve and Sean are GITTIN R DONE... Battery Boxes Made !!


And the PORSCHE project out in Oklahoma is coming along nicely....


   working on installing new batteries.


Factory 5  COBRA KIT CAR !!

  Warp 11" Motor,  Mighty  Zilla 2k EHV !!! to support the  348V..... 18Kw,  60C  Batteries !!!!   MAN !!! this is an awesome EV.




Customer wants a  TILT BED put on it..., new batteries.... smaller Motor.. sooo  11"  OUT  and  9"  IN...



Hinges fabricated..ready to install
Installed under the bed of the truck... ready to fit snugly over the chassie....  next need to fabricate


a place for the bed to snug down to stay in place ...  Steve used a bolt and ground it down so that it would fit the holes already IN the bed of the truck..
NOT JUST CARS............... we also work on Golf Carts... N.E.V., Gems, Zenns, Zaps... and of course...
Motorcycles... here steve is putting the finishing touches on a great little ... used to be Gas Dirt Bike... Now All  Electric

 Golf Carts



Motor cycles? YES we do them !!   This is a new Harley.

Taking a break from Oklahoma...

Headed for  GEORGIA !!!!                                     
and Laurent's Project....   1949 Chevy....  all Electric with a Warp 9, A Soliton Jr. and a 15kw pack of Lithiums.


A quick pit stop in Purcaville, VA  to make some adjustments to Bruce's BMW....and we hook up with his good friend Ricardo who has done a great job on his conversion...and just got his new License Plate... GAS SUKS !!!  


  While leaving VA .. we stopped for lunch in BOONSBORO, MD..and came upon this beautiful old church that George Washington once attended.  

On the way back to Oklahoma we stopped in Bluejacket, OK  to help Ralph King with his Toyota Mini Pick Up.
This has 96V with a Warp 9 and a Zappi Controller.   Ralph charges from his 5kw Aray of Solar Cells !!! 

Steve and Ralph.    Ralph and his lovely wife of 60 years are fully sustainable, self sufficient farmers on 80 acres, a fresh water pond, animals for milk and meat  and he uses his Electric Pick up for travel.    We always Enjoy coming to their home.


Time for ..................... the  RAIL  car !!! 
ok..................... ONE  ............ OR........................................................ TWO    Warp 11"  Motors????


hmmmm  there  IS   room for TWO......................  Ohhhh MAN !!!!

NEW   RUSH PROJECT...   3 days to Complete !

Customer's middle son is competing........... and WANTS an  ELECTRIC BIKE !!!!   sooooo Customer and Steve Stop everything and start the conversion of this great little gas bike to  Electric !!

Stay tuned....

Fabricating a Motor Mount..............................Installed Motor..........................................Painted.... Last Minute adjustments

and................  ITS DONE !!!


First  ride......... Nice.....................................................................TOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST   too   FAST
we had to turn the Controller DOWN  about 30% !!!      This kid is going to blow them away at the competition... !   All packed, bike loaded and off they go !!   GOOD LUCK KIDS !!!

Ok.....BACK TO WORK ..... but first  A  CLEAN shop is a HAPPY SHOP

  Steve making the shop area .. "neat  neat"....

Back to work to complete the RAIL... .then ..... SADLY  it will be time for us to head BACK to our humble little shop in Florida. !!!

Almost time for us to head for  "HOME"  ......

Remember to SIGN UP for next years'   SUMMER TOUR..... Get your project on our list and we will come to YOUR home or shop and convert  YOUR Vehicle for you... or you and Steve and do it together and  ....  "GIT  R  DONE".

HEADING HOME for the birth of our FIRST GRANDCHILD:  
Brandon Dale Brow:  August 26, 2012

BACK TO WORK !!!   Heading to ARIZONA to drop off our Prized SATURN.   It was SOLD to a good HOME !!


First stop:  Tucson, AZ... what a CLEAN town.. no litter here !

Saturn Delivered in Casa Grande, AZ..... Happy Customer


 First Project Take the AC drive system OUT and replace with a DC Drive System !!

The WARP 9 bolt pattern fit perfect to the AC Drive bolt pattern that was in this car !!

DONE !!!   The COOPER is DONE... this Mini Cooper went from GAS  to  AC drive.  Then after of year of AC "dawg" driving.. to some PEPPY  DC drive !!  Add a 9" Warp and a Zilla Controller and NOW you have a happy customer!!

Time to start heading for HOME !! and a little .. hopefully WARMER weather !

                                                                 * * * * * *    

What a GREAT time we live in !!    The  "OLD AND NEW"...  Here is the OLD  Green Shed EV Conversionist... Steve Clunn  who comes to your home or shop to CONVERT your GAS car to ELECTRIC.... AND THE NEW   TESLA  mechanic who comes to your home or shop to upgrade, test and repair your NEW TESLA.... 

HIS and HER  Tesla's !!  What a great time to be in this industry !!!


It is   GO CART TIME !!!!    Here is a Motor and ADAPTER PLATE for the GO CART 

We are NOW SELLING THESE MOTORS!!  Email us for spec's.....

GO CART MOTOR...  First  test ride ............. OVER  60mph !! and that was a real easy ride....  whooooot  whoooo !!

and helping with............ 
a   MAN CAVE !!!!

How Cool is this !!!      SOLAR PANELS on the Roof !!!  

Is this not AWESOME !!!   Bath...Kitchen,  Fireplace........TV.... BEER station !!!    
AMAZING  all in one day !!!   What a fun break  for us !!

Solar Panels on the Roof

Well,  TIME TO MOVE ON......................  NEXT STOP>>>>>>>>>>>>>  TEXAS 

Going to a small Texas Farm  who uses EV's ( ONLY EV's)  to transport his produce  from the Field to the market.  We are going to do some upgrades and small repairs....

BUT FIRST....... a quick stop in HOUSTON  to See Steve's Dad...  and a  CHARGING station at the local  H-E-B  Grocery Store.

Steve's DAD, Howard Clunn 

Now to work......... well  sort of....    as the expression goes... " IN the interest of SCIENCE"  Steve had to TRY out the customers TRACTOR...   boy howdy would THIS make a great conversion !!!!??????????   ( hint hint)..

30 degree weather !!!!    Shreading  on a TEXAS FARM! !!    Steve said he got a lot of good insight on what is going to be needed for this  Tractor to become 100% Electric,  but still could use a little more real world experience.  ( he just didn't want to put it away) !!
He even teased the customer by telling him..............

Does your farm hand frantically  waving his hands up and down mean  "good job"  ???

Theodore ( the farm hand)  is moving hoses faster than I can cut them !

PVC plastic irrigation spicket's have all been cleared !

Harvested many rodents but Audrey is unable  and I believe UNWILLING to cook them.

Hat came off and some how went under mower and some how came out undamaged.  I image that will be a  Pre requisite for the Electric Tractor,  this may be hard to do.  Anything I dropped in front of MY mower was completely ground up.

LAST STOP for the  2012 Tour.........    FLORIDA.
1901 Olds  Electric Needs Repair !? !


This  1901 Olds Electric Vehicle needed  the  STEVE CLUNN magic Touch !!   Other's had attempted to fix it, but gave up.
Steve Got it going and gave our customer a  RIDE !!!!    Still needs a new Controller and she will need a Charger. ( Steve will make her a small charger)...  and when we go back over to the west coast of FLA in a few months, will stop again to see her.   Thanks Judith !!

THANKS to all those wonderful people who touched our lives this year...  Its been a GREAT year.   Looking forward to all the wonders of  2013 !!! 

Sign up now..  Our 2013 Tour starts the first week of May !!

FROM May 1st to October 16, 2011

We Start out our Summer of 2011 heading for Sarasota, FL


The CRUCE FAMILY has a VW Golf they want to convert.
We get to their home Saturday morning of the Memorial Day Weekend and from start to finish by Monday night the whole family is riding around their neighborhood in their NEW ELECTRIC VEHICLE they all helped convert.

NEXT STOP: Pensacola, FL

Yes Folks this is beautiful downtown Pensacola...

Old Clock from the 1800's still working in front of the Court House

No, this is NOT New Orleans, but it does look like it... we are still in downtown Pensacola, FL

CHARGING... downtown Pensacola, FL !!!

Downtown Restaurant/Bar .. complete with period cars.


OK NOW we are in NEW ORLEANS !!!!!
what a great day..... A little Coffee...a ride on an Electric Tram... some music, some food...and ON the road again...headed for TEXAS !!

Monday is RED BEAN day in New Orleans.... soooo When in Rome.................

Now on to TEXAS . . .

sooo tell me again WHY in Texas they NEED a Bridge THIS BIG????

Yes, Folks... that is the CHEVRON plant there...

Downtown Lockhart, Tx about 10 miles from were we are..

Our Customer here in Texas has a Brand New Leaf !! Steve drove it to Austin, TX for an EAA meeting. We got to meet Arron Choate from EV Trader... the guys from REvolt and Marc Kohler. What a great visit! Thanks guys...

Time to get down to WORK... thats why we came here. HOT ... HOT....HOT in Texas.. 103 degrees most days...

Every Morning "Mama" Wild turkey paraded her little ones in front of the cabin we were staying in.

SUN SET.... by the POOL at the Cabin we were staying in.

OK.... WORK !!

Steve working on some upgrades. This is the customer's NEON. This has 40 - 160ah Cells.

This one the customer and I drove 175 MILES in one day !! This has an awesome Lithium pack in it.
of course, we had to stop for lunch... and "when in Rome"....

The BBQ Trail !! City Market has been around since 1957. What an experience. No forks, plates, nothing but butcher paper and your hands.. delish !!!!!

Ok Ok.. I know.. you "guys" just want to see the battery pack... ok.. here ya go.. here is the bad boy !!!

Is that NOT a beauty???/ 175 MILES... and I rode shot gun the whole way !!
This has 40 of the 260ah cells.

We also put in an AC System for this customer. and we liked it so much, we are now selling it on our site...

All work and no play is not good.... A Day trip to Downtown AUSTIN, TX..what an incredible town!
Eclectic stores, Music, Food... we are eating our way around America !! What a good day.
People in Texas do it RIGHT... it is soooo Hot that they get up at 5am.. work until about 10 am.. take the day off... go swimming, tubing, to the city... they come back and work from about 6pm to 11pm.. when it is cool. No sense Reinventing the wheel... ! I think we should do that in Florida too... Ohhhh yea, right... Mosquito's as big as Boomer Planes... ok... never mind....

Back to work !

We installed a "new" Controller. New to us, a Synkromotive Controller 180V/750Amps!! We were so impressed we are now a distributor for this company....

Next Stop: TULSA, OK

Tulsa is like coming HOME... This is our 3rd year coming to this shop. The guys are always fun and friendly and the owner, although young enough to be mine and Steve's son is a real HOOT. We sure do enjoy him and his beautiful growing family. ( number 5 is on the way !!).

Lots of FUN projects here at this shop!

This is NOT your Daddy's Golf Cart !!! Steve out testing it after he put Lithium in this baby!! What fun we had!

Steve working on the GEM.... adding new batteries..and the corner of the COOPER on the right.. with an AC system it in.

Can't have ALL work and NO play.....

Tues Night Jazz in the Plaza McNellies for Burgers on Wed Lunch ( by Audrey)

Time to catch up... we have been so busy working, there just was no time to update.
We worked on several Projects: The Golf Carts, his Electric Cooper, and his HARLEY

Here is the first ride on a 100% converted ELECTRIC HARLEY !!

Time to head toward VIRGINIA...

via Indiana... The Farms along the way in Missouri and Indiana were just breath taking ... and so many?!! who knew??

Made it to St. Lewis !!

My FIRST view of St. Lewis.

Next Stop: West Virginia !

and then of course...

Virginia... a stop to visit one of our customers who has done a Ford Ranger:
He did a terrific job !! Lithium Batteries, warp 9, 1000amp controller. He took both Steve and I for a ride in his EV.. whoooohoooo what a great visit. It is so nice to actually MEET the voices on the phone!
So many of you, I sell parts to, or we talk to, or help in some way and we never actually MEET. How nice when we do !!

Terrific job... well done !

Now on to our final destination: Purciville, VIRGINIA ...

Bruce and his BMW that he and his son prepare for us prior to us getting to VA. They took out all the I.C.E. and got the car ready.

sooo. Lets get started !
Adapter Plate: Hub, spacers....then the Steve Clunn "trick". Set the Tranny on top of the Motor and plates with ONE battery... spin the motor and "LISTEN" for the perfect quiet "sound of the spin"...and wallah... motor shaft and Tranny shaft perfectly aligned !

Now lets get it IN the car !!

Installing Air Conditioning motor.

FIRST RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Motor and Tranny IN........... One Battery.. ( note cables sticking out of car ) !!!


Now for the Battery BOXES !!

Bruce cutting out the trunk area... and....... Lining up the batteries to make the boxes
this EV has the Warp 9" Motor, 1000 Amp Soliton1 Controller and 80 of the 100ah Lithium Batteries.


Hooking up the batteries.... equalizing..... Monitor............ showing Modules #1 and #2 of the BMS

Front battery Rack and back Battery Rack Fabricated and painted. Ready for Install.

FIRST of the Batteries go IN

IN out.. UP down.. IN out again !!! geeeesh....

Took the Motor BACK out for the 3rd adjusted ( using Steve's "TRICK" and added a Brass Bushing to Tranny Shaft for Pilot Bearing. NOW Steve is really happy with the performance...

Adding the Second row of batteries in the back along with installing the Charger.

Starting the Wiring up of batteries. .. Tomorrow is another day.

Getting COLD here in Virginia !!! but Lots happening in this area..

Ok Back Batteries got hooked up... 2 of the Modules IN... Front Batteries IN !!!!

we are working hard to get this DONE by the 13th.. BIG doin's here on the 13th and we want to show it off.


From Day one until today it has been 18 days.. and we are ALMOST done.. ( still have the Vac Pump, DC to DC and tweek a few small things..but they got their RIDE TODAY!>!!

Steve Clunn ( Standing) Bruce (Owner, Driver)... Bob (Shotgun)... !!

19 DAYS TOTAL FROM START TO FINISH !! What an incredible time we had. The owner, Bruce, his wife Sue and their lovely family treated us like Royalty ! What a wonderful time we had with these folks !!!

HOME NOW!!! and back to work at the GREEN SHED......we are now officially BACK OPEN for business !
Come on by !! See what we do, Let us TRAIN you to do this...!!

THE Z-3'S FIRST BIG CAR SHOW: jANUARY 27 TO February 5th, Washington, DC

Bruce and his lovely wife Sue have done a LOT in that area to PROMOTE ELECTRIC CARS. We are Proud and grateful for their showing their "Blue Beauty"... Their All Electric Z-3 !!